Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

The 4-Years BBA program serves the requirements of those who are trying to find a career in administration. Being a program filled with challenging educational modules, it best suits to those who have a great scholastic record and huge potential for success.

The BBA degree guarantees the graduates a higher level of employability through the passage level of administration by making a professional difference in them and thus allowing them to be competent and progressive individuals. The program offers a wealthy mix of common instructions; common administration aptitudes like communication, decision-making, attention to detail, collaboration, and quantitative strategies. Therefore, it points to sensitize the graduates around their social and natural obligation.


Program Objectives

The motive of the program is to meet the need of the leaders and managers in the area of business administration. The prime emphasis is laid on raising the standard of education and improving the personality of the graduates.




  • Candidates having I.Com, D.Com, F.A., F.Sc, ICS, DAE, or equivalent intermediate are eligible to apply for admission in BBA HONS’ 4 years program
  • Candidate must possess at least 45% marks to apply for admission.



Degree Awarding Requirements

For the award of BBA degree, a student must have:

  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.50
  • 6-8 weeks internship in any commercial organization>
  • Final Oral Examination/Viva