Or library is dealing with books on different subjects makes the facility of libraries in SCPT alive. With a good collection of more than 1500 books and other facilities, the libraries of SCPT exhibit a face of modern day libraries. These libraries are fully engaged in offering effective services in many areas for the promotion of Education & Research.

The library has been equipped with state of the art facilities i.e.
  • Group discussion rooms
  • Faculty reading lounge
  • Researcher's corner
  • Periodical section
  • Exhibition halls
  • Security system
  • Jinnah Auditorium with seating capacity of 210 persons


There is almost 2000 book in our library. The books are Islamic as well as on DPT, BS.IT. Students form almost all facilities visit our library and benefit from the books which cause to increase their knowledge in general and to their subject particularly.

Books keep a man alive. They increase the knowledge of man. In this age of development book have guided well and we come to know that how other nations made progress student visit here and spend their precious time here and get benefits from taking interesting the book. There is the capacity of 30 persons to sit here.

Our principal and administration staff is also working day and might for the betterment to this library. For the readers there are also daily newspapers which are read by the students as well as the teaching staff.

The library is facilitating with good furniture and a healthy and peaceful atmosphere for its visitors. This calm and pleasant atmosphere provides satisfaction to its visitors.

There are book on almost 30 different departments, so that everyone get benefits form the book of its own interest. There is also department of paramedical. Where the students very eagerly com and read the book of their subject and spent their time for satisfaction and success.

Our library is a source of providing knowledge and facility to the student. Our aim is to provide maximum library facilities to the students. So that nothing could be left from our side to facilitate the students of a student need a book, our library issue the book for a limited period of time so that the student can read it at home. By the grace of Allah our library is progressing by leaps and bound.