Polices and Regulations

Polices and Regulations

Sialkot College of Physical Therapy expects from students to adhere to high standards of honor, discipline and good citizenship and to behave in a responsible manner that brings credit to themselves and to the college. This section outlines the general policies and procedures that apply to student's academic and non-academic life at the college. The policies and procedures may be amended/ changed during the course of the academic year as deemed appropriate. However, in such case, any amendments/changes will be notified to students.

Dress Code

The College expects students to dress appropriately while being at the campus. There is separate dress code for male and female students
Male Students
Dress shirt or polo shirt, formal trousers are allowed jeans. Dresses with graphic images or writing are not allowed.
Female Students
Pakistani shalwar kameez and trousers are allowed Short shirts, Jeans, tights, or dresses with graphic images or writing are not allowed. Head scarf is appreciated.
All Students
College identification card must be worn by all students while being at college premises. Overalls must be worn by all students while being at college premises excluding break hours.

Supplementary Examinations

As per rules of the University of Sargodha, a student who is unable to pass the supplementary examinations will be detained to previous year. Students are provided with four attempts for first professional exams. Student who fails in these attempts will be disqualified from the course.
University of Sargodha (UOS) Examinations
University of Sargodha examinations are held at the end of the academic year as and when announced by UOS. Students must obtain 60% marks in all the subjects of send up examinations, along with 85% attendance and good conduct, to appear for the final examinations administered by the University of Sargodha.
Send-Up Examinations
Send-up examinations are held about a month prior to the final examinations. Students will have to attain at least 60% marks in all subjects of send-up examinations in order to appear for the University of Sargodha's final examination.
In order to be eligible to attempt the college or university of Sargodha's examination, a student must fulfill all the pre-requisites.


Students are required to have at least 80% attendance in all subjects. Any student unable to meet this percentage will not be allowed to appear in the college and University of Sargodha examinations. Students are allowed one leave per month. Any students who are late to class will be given three warnings. On the third warning, student will be marked absent unless the student completes the assignment given by the Instructor. In case of any concerns they should contact the class coordinator.

College Tests

College tests are held throughout the academic year. These tests are mandatory for students. The sole purpose of these tests is to check and monitor a student's performance and progress in academics.

Notice Board

SCPT have several notice boards displayed throughout the college. These notice boards contain important messages and announcements for students. It is the duty of students to regularly check notice boards to stay aware of the current happenings in the institute.


Students who fail to follow the college rules will be liable to fines. The fines will be on the following offenses

Failure to wear Identification Cards Rs. 500 per offense
Failure to follow dress code and overall Rs. 1000 per offense
Use of mobile phone in the class Rs. 1000 per offense
Overdue library books Rs. 100 per offense